Welcome to Roatan, Bay Islands Honduras

Come and discover the unparalleled beauty of Roatan, the largest of eight islands that are collectively known as The Bay Islands

The Islands have many attractions, the brilliantly blue and clear water, palm fringed beaches cooled by a constant trade winds, exotic plants and nature trails. One of the finest points about Roatan is the extensive reef system that offers some of the most spectacular diving and snorkeling in the Western Caribbean. Roatan offers the ultimate get away. Surrounded by warm Caribbean waters, this hilly island is as picturesque as it is unspoiled.

There are several Marinas on Roatan Island including Fantasy Island, French Harbor Dive and Yacht Club, and Brick Bay Marina. There is a dry dock in French Harbor so a vessel can be maintained.

The warm climate, usually in the 80's is like the warm greeting you will receive from the about 40,000 friendly inhabitants. The dress for the entire island is casual. Comfort cool clothing, shorts and lightweight paints. The dress is still casual at better even restaurants in the evening. There is usually a trade wind making the climate comfortable.

Building on Roatan

Utilities? Most of the water is sub subsurface well water. We advise everyone to build a cistern to collect rain water that will supplement the well system. Much of the island receives its electric power from Roatan Electric Company. Most of the sewage is provided by septic systems though some public sewer systems are beginning to be built. Generators and solar power are used in out lying areas of the island.

Cost of Building? The most common means of construction on Roatan is concrete block covered with stucco or out of native treated lumber. The roofing materials vary but Clay tile or composition shingles are often used. Your cost will depend on design, quality and finish but expect a cost range between 40 to 100 dollars per square foot. There are reputable architects and builders available on Roatan from which to choose.

Restrictions? A few planned developments will be protected with deed restrictions and covenants. Of course you must get a building permit from any municipality you might be building in.

More about the Honduras

The Government

Honduras is a democracy headed by popular elected president. The constitution has three branches much like that of the United States. The president and a national congress that consists of 82 members are all are elected to four years terms. The president and his thirteen-member cabinet appoint governors of the eighteen departments or states. Both parties strongly support foreign investments.

Honduras residency

You can bring many of your household items at one time into the country without any import duty. If you residencies status is considered retired you may bring in a new car and a boat every 5 years. It is relatively simple to get a Honduran residency. They are several attorneys who have specialized in helping new comers obtain residency status.

Education system

There are several bilingual schools on the island of Roatan. Every town has its own public school through high school. A few students use correspondence courses that are accredited in the United States. There are excellent home school programs available as well.

Work In Honduras

New comers from the United States and Canada can work in Honduras with a work permit. If you have investment capital and management skill there are many opportunities to start a new business. An attorney can help you acquire a business and other permits for the type of business you might be interested in.

Land Ownership in Honduras

At the time of writing this; it is legal to purchase and own land in Honduras if you are a foreigner, and there are commonly two ways used..

If you are purchasing a property that is less than ¾ acres, you are entitled to purchase and own that land in your own name. If you are purchasing a property that is more than ¾ acres, you may need to form a Honduran corporation, through which to purchase it. This is a very simple procedure and is easily handled by a Roatan Properties and a local attorney.

Note from the Governor of the Bay islands.

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