There are nearly 2500 feet of shoreline and 1600 feet of beach within these 143 acres at Helene Enclave.

$1,600,000 for the whole track.

ROSE CAY, and its extensive north side and south coral reef, protect Helene Harbour from the seas to the east and provide calm harbor anchorage. The flats off its north side reef provide some of the best Bone and Permit fishing in the Western Hemisphere. And, the flats are less than a five-minute trip from Helene Enclave. Food fish abound in the area, from Grouper, Red Snapper, to Kingfish. Especially beautiful are the coral formations and wide variety of tropical fish, including the colorful parrotfish, to be seen in chest deep water directly across from Helene Enclave; inside the southern reef that adjoins Rose Cay to protect the harbor entrance. Further, there is a spectacular scuba diving wall that has been rated nine on a ten point world wide scale on the seaward side of Rose Cay's south reef.

HELENE ENCLAVE is the place for island loving sports enthusiasts to be!.

half-moon beach shown above.

Helen Enclave's approximately 900 feet of exotic Ironshore shown below.

This photo looks west toward the National Preserve from Roatan's East End. Helene Enclave and the Village of Helene are in the foreground
The National Preserve contains thousands of mangroves that begin just west of Helene Creek and extend about two miles further west to near Old Port Royal. The preserve, from the narrow north shore beach to the south shore beach, is only about one-half mile. It teems with life as the nursery and spawning grounds that incubate much of the marine life at the eastern end of Roatan and Helene. Many of the 120 plus variety of birds in the Bay Islands can be seen,and many make their nest here.

The preserve is ideal to visit as part of a locally organized ecological tour, which would include going through HeleneCreek to the north side volcanically formed isle of Morat, then following the narrow channels south back to Helene Harbour and the Enclave. Sightings of Dolphins, and perhaps Whales, would be likely during this tour.

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