TANQUILA is located midway between Majahual and Xcalak, about 15 miles from ether village.

This property is protected by the Barrier reef with is directly in front of the lots. In this location it is exultant diving and snorkeling at the barrier reef because it is about 15' deep in some places inside the reef. Tanquila has a cut though the reef and it is a quick shot to Chinchorro from here. Inside the reef makes a exultant mooring because of the depth and protection of the reef.

If you like to fish get your frying pan ready because Tanquila is one of the best fishing spots I found in the area. You have a distant of about 400 meters from land to the Barrier reef . Inside the reef you will find lots of patches of grass witch attracts all kinds of bate fish. In the shallows near the beach it is teaming with bone fish. I mean lots of them. Just outside the reef you can catch grouper and all kinds of snapper. Take your panga ( small boat ) little ways out and you are in several thousand feet of water. This gives you the opportunity to fish for Tuna Marling and Wahoo.

These lots are 20 meters wide with access from a beach road that is a short distant from a newly paved road 15 miles south of Majahual.

Remember this is one of the few property that has Owner financing for a Qualified buyer their only 5 lots left so don't wait on this one. A $90,000 investment will bring a life time of enjoyment. Check Weather in Chatumal for current conditions

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