Hello there,

My name is Ricardo Merren and I am the governor of the Bay Islands. I have lived on the islands all my life and after traveling the world, I can safely say that, for me, there is no place like home.

I would like to welcome you to my home, the Bay Islands. Whether you are here to dive or snorkel our magnificent reefs, soak up the sun on our Caribbean beaches, explore our vast mangrove tunnels or verdant tropical hills, or whether you are here to just simply relax, the islands will make you feel right at home in no time.

If its adventure that you`re looking for, come and discover our tropical treasures, both above and below the water. Dive and snorkel with whale sharks on Utila, swim with dolphins or visit iguanas on Roatan, discover the Mestizo Reef (underwater sculptures of Christopher Columbus and the chief of the Indian community) on Guanaja and experience the diversity of life on Cayos Cochinos.

The people of the Bay Islands are here to ensure that you have a true island experience. People call it “the good vibration”, and you will hear it in our music, see it in our crafts, feel it through dance and definitely taste it in our sumptuous, mouthwatering cuisine.

I hope you have the best time. If you would like to leave some comments or suggestions regarding the islands, or just let us know how your stay on the Islands was, you can reach me on [email protected]

Have a great time!


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