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The Western Caribbean island of Roatan is both beautiful and affordable. Less developed than many places in the Caribbean, it offers a relaxed vacation environment.The second largest coral reef in the world streaches from southern Mexico to past Roatan island. We also have beautiful beachfront lots on Mexico's Caribbean Coast. These properties in both countries are behind this reef and offer protected swimming, fishing, diving and a really great ocean view.

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Las Palmas Vacation resort in the bay islands.

Buy and own your own appartment or rent by the week.

You can enjoy true resort living for a very affordable price.


Roatan Beach and Properties P.O. Box 489 Kemah, Texas 77565


Phone 281-910-8100 Visit me at Roatan Airport. Ask for Sparky
Let us give you a tour of our Western Caribbean properties and show you where the new development is happening and why. We will introduce you to a number of locals in Mexico or the bay islands. Two of the advantages for those looking to buy in the in the Western Caribbean compared to Eastern Caribbean islands prices are usually lower and there is often less development. As an investment the Western Caribbean property prices have been rising very quickly. We feel as new development comes prices could still rise a lot more. Please browse through our site and enjoy the large picture of our listings. Thanks for visiting us.
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