Crystal clear water with an offshore reef makes the area of Roatan Honduras a very desirable place to live or vacation. Mountain range and Caribbean Sea just two miles away on the other side of island.
The Roatan coastline has many nature harbors where a boat could be kept. These indentations in the coastline make a great place to fish as well.
There are many large trees on Roatan that can be saved on many building lots. It is possible to have a house with trees all around and then a white sandy beach. This romantic combination of virgin forest with large trees and beach can be very desirable.

This is the Western most point of Roatan. The white sandy beach on the back side of the island here is very popular.

The above picture shows the Southern Coast of Roatan.

Boating fishing and diving are very popular past times on the island. But also note what makes this different to most Caribbean island is after you havd done all with all of that you can take a drive in the mountains. A level of beauty that few place on earth can compare.

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This is the National reserve at the east end of Roatan. Click here to see Helene property for sale.
Roatan Beach and Properties
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